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VRH are commited to developing new and interesting Primula varieties for the UK market, our breeding and seed production are UK based, therefore varieties are specifically bred for our home market.
In addition we are not importing seed so do not have to contend with currency fluctuations.
Our aim is to bring more added value varieties to the market, lines which sit happily in a one or two litre pot, not wanting to exclude the volume pack and pot market we do have genetics which fit this area of the market perfectly.


We have arranged the varieties on this web site in alphabetical order - as follows

Varieties A-C


Can-Can Purple


Cheshire Life

Clotted Cream

Varieties E-F

Ember Glow


Frosty Morn

Varieties G-L

Ice Cream Sundae

Glorious Laced Gold, Silver, Lilac and Red

Varieties M


Varieties O-R



Rose Passion

Royal Cowslip

Sunnyside Up!

Varieties S-W

Wanda Royal Mix

Woodland Walk (original)